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    The Red Deck adds one hundred really terrible and likely offensive cards to Superfight. Viewer discretion advised. The cards are split into three decks. Each deck contains words that combine to create a character. When a player plays a "TO THE HERO MACHINE" card, he or she chooses one card from each Hero Machine deck Deck 1 contains words like: Super Giant Flying Retired Flaming Mutant Deck 2 contains words like: Monkey Zombie Girlfriend Dino Bat Hero Sumo Deck 3 contains words like: Asassin Swarm Babies Cyborg Army Duo Love Triangle Players choose one card from each deck, and place them in order to generate combinations such as "Flying Girlfriend Army" "Giant Zombie Babies" and "Retired Dino Love Triangle" This is a powerful and very funny deck, and will add thousands of possible characters to your game.
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