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    The Amonkhet Bundle lets engaged players dive into the new set, with boosters to help update their decks for the new Standard environment, plus a Players Guide complete with a set overview and a vi... read more

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    Will calculated schemes of the mind outwit and prevail? Or will the pure, bold power of might triumph?

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    Archenemy is a multiplayer Magic format in which players unite against a common foethe "Archenemy"whose power is multiplied by a second deck of twenty "scheme" cards designed to even the odds. In A... read more

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    Commander is a multiplayer Magic format in which players compete with 100-card singleton decks, including one Legendary Creature called a Commander that influences deck-building and gameplay in uni... read more

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    Once a new player understands Magic's basic rules, the Deck Builder's Toolkit jumpstarts their collection and introduces them to deckbuilding.

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