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About Us

Hello! My name is Dylan and I am the owner of Geek Fortress. I wanted to do a full update on this because the last time we updated it was over 2 years ago and so much has changed. First, a little about me. I have been playing magic for a long time since middle school. My first rare was Lord of the Pit and when i discovered that card I never looked back. I love all things related to Magic, comics, and tons of other nerd stuff. Some of you have met me and you know I get pretty jazzed up about that stuff.


The store opened up on May 4th, 2013. My little store was just over 600 sq ft and barely fit 20 people in there. I wanted to build a great store with all the knowledge I gathered from being a LONG time LGS supporter. I opened my store because there was a real lack of game stores in the area that really did what I thought they could do. Fast forward to where we are now, and we're over 2000 sq ft and hosting magic events nearly every day. We run larger events on a monthly basis and recently we have ran 2 very successful LARGE events both at the Tacoma Convention Center, and Everett Arena. 


I really hope that you read this and understand that I do so much to make sure this store is not only a safe place for EVERYONE, but also a fun enviornment for both competitive players and casual players alike. We're all here to sling spells and have fun. So please make sure you always support local stores (not just mine), and support each other in this magical world. We have a lot to offer at our store so please check the calendar and come on down anytime! And as always, if you have any suggestions or recommendations or concerns our 'contact us' is always open and I always reply within 24-48 hours. Thanks again for supporting us for 6+ years now!

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Location - US
1207 13th St Suite K, Snohomish, WA 98290
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Store Hours - Pacific Time (US & Canada)
12:00pm-10:00pm Monday-Wednesday
12:00pm-12:00am Friday/Saturday
12:00pm-6:00pm Sunday & Thursday